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Optional 23 Day or 33 Day Annual Plan

Save time and money with Medipac’s 23-day or 33-day Annual Add-on

When you purchase any Medipac Travel Insurance policy that is greater than 22 or 33 days in length, you can save time when you upgrade your policy with Medipac’s 23-day or 33-day Annual Add-on by only having to apply once for travel insurance to cover all of the short trips you take during the year.

When you purchase the Annual Add-on you will also save money! Coverage is for an unlimited number of international trips up to 23 days or 33 days, and up to 182 days within Canada, outside your home province.

Need Separate Annual Coverage?

Simply buy a 22-day or 32-day Medipac Travel Insurance Plan, add the Annual Add-on rate and indicate the date you wish your annual coverage to begin. It’s that simple!

Short-term rates (1-40 days) can be found on page 43, along with the Annual Add-on rates.

Did You Know that our Provincial Health Insurance Plans DO NOT COVER many emergency expenses incurred in Canada such as medication, ambulance, paramedical services or air evacuations? Additional non-medical costs, including return of your vehicle, bringing a family member to your bedside, out-of-pocket expenses and emergency dental expenses are now also covered by your Medipac policy, for all of your trips.

Convenient Features
  • You can choose to have your Annual Add-on begin at any time between your purchase date and your departure date.
  • You can extend or top up your Annual Add-on by calling Medipac.
  • You are not required to notify Medipac before you depart on any short trip. You are, however, required to provide proof of your departure and return dates, in the event of a claim.
Please remember that the Pre-existing Condition clause applies prior to each and every trip, so be certain you are in compliance prior to travel.

* you must buy a minimum 22 day or 32 day trip to purchase the Annual Add-on.

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