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Medipac Travel Insurance - How to Apply

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Travel Insurance Guide

Before You Begin:

  • We want you to be confident in our policy and protection. Please read the policy carefully, including the Pre-existing Condition and Exclusion clauses.
  • If you're unclear about any of your medical conditions or medications, speak to your doctor.
  • If you're not eligible for this plan, call us for information on other Medipac Travel Health Insurance Plans, including our Personalized Insurance Quotation.

Completing the application – important things to remember:

  • The application must be filled out in full and in pen.
  • All of the medical questions in section A, C and D must be completed.
  • An application cannot be processed without specific departure and return dates. If you're unsure of your dates, select the departure date and trip length that is closest to your travel time period. When you've finalized your travel plans, call us for your FREE policy change (if your trip length changes a premium adjustment may be required).
  • Your application must be signed and dated. Please ensure that you have read the Declaration/Authorization section before signing.

Skipping any of the above steps will require correction and will delay processing of your policy.

Helpful reminders for when your policy has been issued:

  • Make sure you have your policy number before you leave for your trip.
  • If your health changes prior to your effective date of insurance, call our office immediately to see how your coverage may be affected.
  • In case of a medical emergency, you must call Medipac Assist prior to seeking any medical attention (see Travel Insurance Guide p. 29).
  • Plans change prior to your effective date? Call Medipac to have your dates of travel changed (see Travel Insurance Guide page 36).
  • Already on vacation and want to stay longer? Call Medipac prior to your scheduled return date to extend your policy (see Travel Insurance Guide page 38).
  • Coming home a minimum of 10 days early? You may be eligible for a partial refund for the unused portion of your policy (see Travel Insurance Guide page 39).


Before you submit your application, ensure that:

  • All medical questions have been answered.
  • You have indicated your departure and return dates, trip length and deductible.
  • Your cheque or credit card payment is included.
  • Each applicant has signed and dated Section H with the date the application was actually signed.
  • Any changes you made to the application have been initialled by the individual applying for insurance.

Travel Insurance Guide
Allow 21 days for your personalized insurance cards and policy. Rush delivery is also available. For additional applications please visit our website at Team Medipac representatives are waiting to assist you at: 1-888-939-0001.

Travel Insurance Guide
Medipac Travel Insurance - Where to Apply

Online Applications:
Using Medipac's Online Application allows you to easily and systematically complete the application for travel medical insurance. To complete an application on-line, Click Here. You will be able to either pay online or print the application to mail in to our office with payment. Be sure to sign and date the application prior to sending!

Applications by Mail:
Medipac Travel Emergency Medical Insurance applications can also be completed by hand. When complete, mail your application to:

          Medipac Travel Insurance
          180 Lesmill Rd.
          Toronto, Ontario M3B 2T5

Allow 21 business days prior to your departure date for the application to be processed and returned. Please include payment by Visa, MasterCard, cheque or money order. The application must be signed by all applicants and all changes initialled prior to mailing the original application.

Faxed Applications:
Clients may also submit applications via fax. It's important to contact Medipac after faxing an application to ensure all the pages were received and are legible. If applying via fax, payment is required by Visa or MasterCard.

          Fax to: 416-441-7030

Telephone Applications:
In order to expedite the application process, clients may contact our office for assistance when completing the Medipac application. With a current application in hand, call our customer service line at: 1-888-939-0001. Credit card payment from either Visa or MasterCard is required for all Telephone Applications. Please ensure that you have looked over the application prior to calling; this will allow you time to confirm any medical questions that you may have for your physician. Upon the completion of the telephone application, you must complete a hard copy application in full, sign and date it, and then mail it to our office prior to your departure date.

          Call: 1-888-939-0001

Walk-in Center
Clients are welcome to visit Medipac's head office to speak with a customer service representative directly and to complete an application, or drop off a completed application. If you are planning on completing an application at the office, please be sure to bring with you the following documents:

  • your government health card(s),
  • your doctor's name and telephone number (and any specialists you may have)
  • a list of medications (for all applicants), and
  • an acceptable method of payment. You may pay by, Visa, MasterCard, cheque or money order. All cheques and money orders must be payable to: Medipac International Inc.

If you have a completed application to drop off for two applicants, but only one of you will be visiting the Walk-in Center, you should ensure that the other applicant has signed the application.

Medipac Walk-In Center and Head Office

          Medipac Travel Insurance
          180 Lesmill Rd.
          Toronto, Ontario M3B 2T5

Travel Insurance Guide

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