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Federal Superannuates

Many retired civil servants, military personnel and retired RCMP officers participate in the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP), which normally provides up to $500,000 CDN in basic travel medical benefits, for the first 40 days of any trip. Medipac cautions that the $500,000 CDN limit may not provide full protection in the event of a major accident or illness while travelling.

To properly protect the many thousands of Federal Superannuates who choose Medipac, we have substantially enhanced our policy and pricing. Full coverage of up to $2,000,000 USD is available with many additional benefits that are not included in your Federal Superannuate plan. You can take advantage of this feature by purchasing coverage for your entire trip and deducting the Federal Superannuate Coverage Credit from your premium. If you choose this feature, you receive:

  • a rate reduction in the form of Federal Superannuate Coverage Credits (shown on the bottom of each rate table),
  • Medipac's extensive benefits, for your entire trip, using your existing plan as a deductible of $500,000 CDN during the first 40 travel days,
  • access to Medipac Assist's medical team 24 hours a day commencing on your first day of travel,
  • non-medical benefits such as Return of Vehicle, Bringing a Relative to Bedside and Out-of Pocket Expenses, and
  • all the above benefits for the first 40 days of ALL OTHER TRIPS you may take outside Canada for the next year. In other words...a 40-day Annual Plan AT NO EXTRA COST to begin on your effective date of insurance.

Medipac strongly recommends that you take advantage of this broad and comprehensive protection for your trip, and reduce your premium cost with our Federal Superannuate Credit.

We understand that a few plans remain at $100,000 maximum. For those clients, Superannuate Credit protection remains available. Call Medipac for details and your premium credit amount. The free 40-day Annual Plan does not apply.

We are aware that many Superannuates choose to "take a chance" during their first 40 trip days and buy a top-up plan. The Medipac plan would then be effective when the PSHCP ends, at the 40-day point. This is usually cheaper, but you lose many of Medipac's extra benefits. You are also required to re-qualify for pre-existing conditions at Medipac's effective date, in the middle of your trip. Although we cannot recommend that you do this, you will be very pleased with our top-up rates and reduced top-up fees.

Whether you choose the Superannuate Credit or the Top-Up Option, all Medipac's generous discounts continue to apply.

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