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Existing Insurance?
Reduce Your Costs with Medipac

If you are one of the many travellers who already have some travel medical insurance, but with limited coverage (perhaps through a former employer), you can choose to modify your Medipac Travel Insurance Policy to meet your special needs.

Top-up Options – If your existing policy provides a limited number of travel days, you can have your Medipac policy begin on the day your other coverage expires. Simply select the Effective Date you want your Medipac policy to begin and buy the number of extra days you need. This is called "topping up," and Medipac offers this feature at a low fee of $20.

Co-insurance – If your existing policy provides coverage for your whole trip but includes a co-insurance feature that requires you to pay a percentage portion of any bill (typically 20%), Medipac may be able to pass on significant savings with our new Co-insurance Program. Simply phone Medipac and request a special Co-insurance Application Supplement.

Lifetime Maximum – Many retirees have a medical plan with a limited lifetime maximum. You can choose to use a portion of this plan to pay your deductible and, by choosing a $5,000 or $10,000 deductible, you can substantially reduce your premium. In order to process your claim in full, Medipac will require payment of your deductible (usually by credit card). Medipac will assist you in later recovering your deductible from your other plan.

We cannot advise you on your non-Medipac plan. However, we strongly recommend that you carefully review and understand your other coverage.

  • Very low policy maximums of $100,000, with some as low as $10,000, are common. Do not rely on these low-limit plans. Make sure your other plan provides adequate coverage with a minimum benefit of $1,000,000. Otherwise, purchase Medipac coverage for your entire trip.
  • Many other policies restrict your number of travel days to 10 days, 14 days, 40 days or 60 days. Make sure you will be covered for your entire trip.
  • Many annual policies, and almost all credit card plans, do NOT allow topping up. They also may terminate ALL coverage if you go on a longer trip. It is your responsibility to ensure that your other coverage is adequate for your needs. For the protection of our clients, Medipac will not accept top-ups to any credit card plans unless you submit a letter from the credit card provider stating that they allow top-ups and will not terminate your coverage for a longer trip.
  • Many group and employer plans renew annually, and coverage may change. Each year, make sure that your plan continues to provide adequate coverage.
WARNING: In all top-up plans, eligibility conditions and pre-existing conditions will apply on the effective date of your Medipac Travel Insurance Policy, NOT on the date of your departure. If you have a change in your health status prior to that effective date, you must contact Medipac International Inc. for a full review.

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