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Medipac Travel Insurance Discounts


Medipac's Claim Free Discount – Save up to 10%

Thousands of Medipac clients have qualified for substantial premium reductions under our Claim Free Discount program. In the last few years, we have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this year, we hope to save our clients even more! Our Claim Free Discount recognizes up to 10 years of claim-free travelling. Medipac clients who have been claim free for the past three consecutive years automatically qualify for a 3% discount. For each additional consecutive claim-free year the discount increases by 1%, to a maximum of 10%.

Note: A claim less than your deductible is not considered a claim for discount purposes.

Medipac's Loyalty Credit - Save up to 7% more!

Our Medipac Loyalty Credit rewards those clients who purchase Medipac Travel Insurance year after year. As one of our loyal clients, you will receive a 1% premium credit for each consecutive year you purchased Medipac up to 8 years and a total credit of 8%. For example, if you purchased Medipac Travel Insurance for the last four years, you are eligible for a 4% credit on this year’s purchase.

If you were unable to travel due to personal reasons for one of those years, please call or advise us in writing. Medipac may still allow a full Loyalty Credit.

The best news is you can combine, Medipac's Claim Free Discount and your Loyalty Credit to save up to 18% . (up to 23% in PEI, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon)

NEW Medipac clients can save, too!

As a NEW Medipac client, you may be eligible for the Claim Free Advantage Discount.

If you have not been hospitalized or have not made a travel medical insurance claim for the past three consecutive years, then you are entitled to save with our Claim Free Advantage Discount. Your discount is based on the number of consecutive years you have not made a claim. You will receive 1% for each year for which you qualify, to a maximum of 5%. You must provide Medipac with a written statement confirming your claimfree years.

So use your past claim free years to save on your Medipac purchase! Watch your savings grow each year as you earn Medipac’s Claim Free Discount and Loyalty Credit. Thousands of clients save 18% on their Medipac travel insurance every year; they already know the many advantages of being a Medipac client!

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