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Travel Insurance Tips Continued

  1. If you will take more than one trip during the upcoming year, consider purchasing an annual multi-trip plan, rather than applying for travel insurance before each trip.

    Medipac's Legion Annual Plan is perfect for seasoned and regular travellers who travel more than once in each year and the cost savings can be dramatic for the frequent traveller!

  2. If your upcoming birthday places you in the next higher age bracket, your premium can increase by 20-60%.

    You can save money by purchasing earlier than planned, prior to your birthday. Even if you purchase a few months before your trip, your premium may be lower, because you can now use a less costly age band.

  3. A dangerous practice is to refuse treatment or not change a drug, despite your doctor's recommendation, because you think it may affect your insurance.

    This does not work. If a doctor recommends a change in drugs, and you do not accept that change, the insurance company will treat this as an unstable pre-existing condition. A claim will not be paid for that condition. Please, just do what your doctor recommends and do not sacrifice your health for insurance reasons. Medipac can often provide full coverage if you contact us and explain your situation.

  4. Some travellers leave a few days earlier, or return home a few days later, than they originally expected without advising their insurance company. They do not realize that, statistically, the two highest incidences of claim are at the beginning and at the end of trips.

    This means no insurance protection when it is needed the most. Many insurance plans will void your insurance if such information is withheld. Call Medipac if you have a change of plans.

  5. Many TIPs require proof of departure and return. Purchases at "Duty Free" and using credit cards or cash debit cards on your last day at home and first day away are convenient ways of establishing a record that can be retrieved later.

    Medipac recommends using a passport for all your travels, and asking that it be stamped on entering and leaving any country. That's indisputable proof!

Safe Travelling!

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