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President's Message

Travel Insurance GuideCongratulations! You have made a very wise decision to consider Medipac’s Travel Medical Insurance Program.

This Travel Insurance Guide has been designed to help you make several important choices regarding your coverage and to provide you with a strong understanding of your benefits. Your complete travel insurance policy is found later in these pages, and we recommend that you read it thoroughly. We have also highlighted several of our policy features in easyto-understand language, and have provided two pages of Travel Tips to assist you.

The rate tables in this guide are the base rates for our comprehensive Medipac coverage. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you are immediately eligible for substantial discounts on these base rates. New clients who are claim free receive a minimum discount of 5% and our returning clients still qualify for Medipac’s Loyalty Credits, Claim Free Discounts and provincial discounts.

Medical insurance, by its very nature, has exclusions, conditions and other clauses that may limit your coverage, and it is important that you understand them before you travel.

With the complexity of today’s insurance policies, it is reassuring to know that the program you have in your hands is recommended by Canada’s largest group of long-term travellers, the Canadian Snowbird Association. Medipac has earned their coveted endorsement for 17 consecutive years. The Royal Canadian Legion has also selected Medipac as their exclusive travel insurance partner.

We have exceptional benefits, no age limits, full coverage for most stable medical conditions, and we automatically provide 24-hour access to our own dedicated nurses and doctors. Medipac Assist is your lifeline in the event of any emergency and we will help you navigate foreign medical systems and protocols should you ever need them.

Medipac is more than just an insurance policy...much, much more!

I would like to personally thank all of our thousands of returning clients and, if this is your "first time," we welcome you to Medipac. You will be in great company and you are certainly making the right choice for your travel insurance benefits.

John Ross Quigley, CEO

PS: Have a look at our Annual Add-on and the MedipacPLUS Endorsement. Both of these are excellent value and provide very strong coverage options.

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