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A little extra can go a long way. For only $34 for single applicants, or $59 for a couple, LegionPLUS is an ensemble of important benefits that we know many of our clients will include with their purchase of Medipac’s Legion Annual Plan. LegionPLUS includes the following benefits:
  • Six Benefits - One Low Price
  • Increases Policy Benefit to $5M
  • Mechanical Breakdown Benefit
  • Return of Pet Benefit
  • Package Price for 2 Applicants
  • $5K Accidental Death Benefit
  • Return to Canada Benefit
  • Baggage Benefit

Policy Benefit Maximum Increase: LegionPLUS increases the coverage amount of your Medipac policy from $2,000,000 to $5,000,000 U.S.

$5,000 Accidental Death Insurance LegionPLUS includes a $5,000 Accidental Death Benefit that will be paid to your estate if you die as a result of an accident while you are on your LegionPLUS insured trip.

Return to Canada Benefit LegionPLUS provides coverage for economy class return airfare to a maximum of $1,500 to fly you from your vacation destination to your home and back:

  • If a member of your immediate family, who is not travelling with you, dies after you leave your home, or
  • If a natural disaster causes your principal residence to become uninhabitable after you leave home.

Return of Pet Benefit LegionPLUS reimburses you up to $350 to bring home your cat or dog in the event you need to return home for medical treatment.

Baggage Benefit LegionPLUS will help cover the cost of essential necessities if your baggage is lost or delayed. It will also cover expenses for lost luggage in excess of any other insurance.

Automobile Mechanical Breakdown Benefit LegionPLUS will reimburse you up to $350 in the event of a mechanical breakdown so that you may continue your trip.

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