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Trip Extensions

Members of the Royal Canadian Legion are a diverse group of individuals, all with different travel habits and insurance needs. That's why Medipac has come prepared with policy options to suit all types of travellers.

The initial travel insurance option for Legion members is a 17-day Annual Plan. However, members can also extend any one of their 17-day trips within the plan's Period of Coverage. A quick call to Medipac and payment of your extension premium before you leave, or even during your trip, is all that is needed to extend your coverage up to 39 days.

Some Legion members may require travel insurance for longer than 39 days, or single trip coverage. In this case, members can contact Medipac to enrol in one of Medipac's personalized insurance plans. Legion members, of course, will have access to preferred discounts based on their membership in the Royal Canadian Legion.

Any Medipac Travel Insurance Plan purchased by a Royal Canadian Legion member will provide support to Dominion Command and the member's individual Branch.

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