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Travel Insurance Required Proof for Claims

What is Required Proof?

To begin processing your claim file, original bills are required. This includes original prescription receipts, original itemized bills, HCFA-Form 1500 (Doctors Bill), UB 92 (Hospital bill) (with itemized statement) OR an original itemized doctor's bill with:

  • Formal letterhead with full name and address
  • Tax I.D
  • Procedure and diagnostic codes with dollar amounts
  • Original doctor's signature (stamped photocopied signatures are not acceptable
Why are original Bills Important?

The Canadian Government will only accept original bills for consideration for payment of a claim. Medipac International and your Provincial Government also require the original bills to restrict multiple submission and fraud.

What if my Claim is under the Deductible?

Once we have received your original bills, claim forms and proof of payment(s), we will be submitted to GHIP for consideration of payment for Ontario residents. If payment has been approved, Medipac will advise GHIP to reimburse you directly. Residents of all other provinces are advised to submit their required information to their Provincial Healthcare provider directly. Medipac Claims will only submit required information for Ontario residents, as we are registered agents with the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

Client paid bills -- Over deductible

Submit all original bills, proof of payment and claim forms to Medipac for consideration of reimbursement. Once all the required information is received, an adjuster will review your claim for reimbursement.

Client paid bills–Under deductible

Ontario residents may submit their original bill, proof of payment and claims to Medipac. We will then forward the information to GHIP for consideration of payment. All other residents must submit their claim directly to their Provincial Healthcare provider.

How long do I have to submit my claim?

Claim forms must be returned to our office within 30 days of your claims for consideration. However, you have up to 12 months to submit any additional bills or receipts towards your claim. Quebec and British Columbia Residents must submit their Claims forms within 21 days of receipt of the claims kit to avoid delays in processing the claim.

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