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Medipac Travel Insurance History

Medipac International Inc. has been a leader in the travel insurance industry since the 1980s, designing and distributing a number of speciality insurance products and services to Canadian groups and associations.

Originally founded on providing unique short-term annual travel health insurance coverage, Medipac quickly accelerated into the long-term travel insurance market following major cutbacks in the out-of-country benefits portion of provincial health care plans in the early 1990s. Up to that point, provincial health care insurance had covered medical expenses incurred outside Canada in full. A number of factors at the time influenced governments' decisions to severely reduce out-of-country health care benefits to realize fiscal savings. Coverage outside Canada was reduced to emergency medical expenses only and, in the following years, greatly limited; in some instances provinces covered only up to $100CDN per day for hospital care. These drastic reductions in provincial health care benefits, coupled with the increasing cost of medical care outside Canada, particularly in the United States, resulted in Medipac's development of a travel insurance plan to meet the emergency health care needs of travelling Canadians.

Through years of hard work and refinement, the Medipac Travel Insurance Plan has become the most respected travel insurance program in Canada.* Three specific achievements have earned Medipac this position; to ensure a high level of quality care and emergency assistance services, Medipac operates its own medical emergency assistance company (Medipac Assist), where clients can call and speak directly and immediately to highly trained emergency assistance nurses and doctors.

Our second achievement is the continued and exclusive endorsement of the Canadian Snowbird Association (CSA). We have now earned the CSA's exclusive endorsement for 16 consecutive years. The CSA is the largest organization of travelling Canadians.

Medipac's third crowning moment arrived when the Royal Canadian Legion selected Medipac Travel Insurance as its exclusive Travel Insurance Member Benefit Partner.

The Medipac Travel Insurance Plan continues to meet the needs of, not only Canadian Snowbirds, but of all travelling Canadians by remaining at the leading edge of product design, value pricing, superior emergency assistance and customer service.

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